revolution 7.1 problems

i just bought an m-audio revolution 7.1 sound card, and it takes pretty decent quality recordings, but i’ve been having some issues with ntrack and the card. first of all we’ve been trying to use asio drivers for recording, the super latency is awesome on the VU meters but during playback there is sometimes popping sounds or skips. i assume it has something to do with setting the buffer size but i have no idea what to do there. i know we could go with using wdm drivers too, would that make us lose and quality or anything? also when using the asio drivers we can’t use the sound card for monitoring, meaning we cant hear what the input is getting as its getting it. when i dont have ntrack running monitoring works, but as soon as i turn ntrack on it stops working. is this a problem with the sound card or with ntrack, is there a solution, i mean i really love the speed of asio but its turning out to be a nightmare i think. anyway any help would be appreciated. thanks.


I duuno about that specific card. If it has hardware monitoring, I would use that. There should be a mixer application that came with the card if it has the capability. There is some “direct” monitor functionality in n-Track but you have to have LIVE enabled. This will introduce latency as the audio has to make a roundtrip from the card/driver through n-Track and back to the driver/card.

You will not HEAR a bit of difference between ASIO or WDM drivers. Use what works best for you.


thanks, ill try the wdm drivers and see if that works out for me, i was really starting to fall in love with the realy fast VU’s that asio gave me though, its a shame.

Remember though, if you have to use LIVE to monitor (which I don’t think you will) you’ll still have latency issues with WDM drivers. Probably worse. I wish I could help more but I don’t know a thing about the Revolution cards except they were designed more for gaming and home theater use versus audio recording. Keep tinkering with settings. There’s probably a setup in there that will work for you.


ok i just changed it to wdm drivers, monitoring works via hardware settings so thats great i dont have to use “live”. there is however one problem, everytime i start playback i get an error that says: error opening midi out device… so ill see if i can get that to work, i guess wdm and midi arent working well together yet? no idea. thanks again!

in the control panel its using: microsoft gs wavetable sw synth

for midi output, i figure this is ok since its the only option i have to select from, i have no idea…

That would be correct. The 7.1 has no MIDI I/O or onboard sound synthesis capability. At least none I could find on M-Audio’s web site. Make sure nothing is selected for MIDI IN and MS Wavetable Synth OR nothing is selected for MIDI OUT. Also, check n-Track’s metronome settings to make sure it is not trying to generate MIDI events for the metronome. That causes the error you are seeing quite often.