ReWire, Line 6's RiffWorks and me...

I wonder if you can help me? I’m totally new to n-Track (in fact I’ve only downloaded the demo). I don’t know anything at all about MIDI and recording using n-Track, I use a program produced by a company called Line 6. It’s for guitar players and it’s called RiffWorks. Very simple and (I think), quite good. One of its features is that it understands ReWire although just what that means is open to discussion…

Anyway I want to put some simple MIDI string parts over my guitar based music and I was hoping that if I fired up n-Track and RiffWorks then created a song in RiffWorks that maybe I could sync it with n-Track and enter some simply string pads using the piano roll editor.

Does that feel like it should work or am I on another planet…


I just did a search on riffworks to see what it was…Sonoma? looks pretty cool! :) just what a lazy guitar player like me needs…lol

Anyway, I don’t know alot about the midi functions of Ntrack.
Since I don’t know enough about midi I will suggest this. (this is the only way I would know how to do what your saying) I think as long as you have a time sig. set up for the song you can creat the different parts and mix them down individually to wav. files.
Then bring them all into Ntrack and add effects, edit ect.
Make shure your editor is set to (snap to 0) that way all the files start from the same point.

I think Ntrack will let you import other sound fonts like the Rewire ones you mentioned, but don’t quote me, since I’ve never tried.

Your post says,"ReWire, Line 6’s RiffWorks and me…"
Maybe try a new post with the word, Midi in it, you’ll get more people who know about that, rather than the courious passer by like myself… :;):

keep shinin’