Is it in N’s future?

A while back there were some posts about Rex2 files.
Will N handle Rex2 in the not too distant future?

no but this does - that is if you download the latest rex shared library from propelorheads web site -

at one time you could insert the VST version into N and use rex files that way - BUT the plugin versions seem to be broken (for 8 mothhs) the VST cannot accept skins made for the standalone version - they may be updated sometime but going by what is happening with this application we dont count on it -

there is also a problem with their server IT HATES DIALUP - downloads ok on BBand -

strange stoty here - rirst version ended at version 1.4 - then came version 2 which had half the contents of the earlier version and cost more now its version 2.5 and nobody can find any changes at all -

the REX file system has been free to all developers for many years now -


If I get (have) Rex.Shared.Library2.5, do I run the update that is on
the Propellerhead page


REX Shared Library update
For owners of Reason.

Mac OS X
Mac OS 9

This update is required to be able to use REX files created in ReCycle 2.1 with Reason 2.5 and other applications. After downloading, please unpack the zip file or sit file and run the installer. This replaces the REX Shared Library with the latest version.

Note: If you have installed ReCycle 2.1 on your computer, you already have the latest REX Shared Library - there is no need to update.

download the Windows file, it comes as a ZIP file, unzip it and run the exec file, it will install the update in a fraction of a second -


XT forum link -

NEW coming next page -