Rhodes with Ping-Pong Effect

What effect do I need?

I’m trying to re-create a sound with an electric piano plug-in (Mr. Ray 2.2) where the sound alternates between Left and Right channels about every 1/2-second. Max Middleton uses this on the song “Cause We Ended As Lovers” from Jeff Beck’s Blow By Blow album.

I tried several settings using a Ping-Pong delay (Classic Delay), but it’s not the sound I’m searching for. It sounds more like a Left-Right Switching than a delay. Is There an effect that just switches the sound between the left and right channels?


I think there is an AutoPan plug-in out there somewhere.

Doesn’t MDA have a free auto pan?

Dunno if it can be synched to tempo, dunno if that’s what youneed…

What’s worse than ping-pong on your piano?

A chigger on your organ! :p


PS I know, I know… boo… hisss…

you could try a rotating (lesley) speaker plugin -

Dr J

It’s called stereo vibrato.

That’s actually a misnomer, because it’s a tremolo, not a vibrato. But that’s what Fender called it (vibrato).

n-Track’s AutoVol plugin does that kind of thing, but it doesn’t quite match the sweep pattern of the classic suitcase Rhodes. You can get an excellent one from Scarbee, their vintage keyboard effects, but it’s not free or cheap.

No doubt there is a cheap one somewhere. I’d like to know about it if anyone knows.

Here’s my version of the track he’s talking about; Max Middleton really goes to town on it and I copped as much from him as I could:

bed track

clip with me on guitar (quitting before I fall down completely!) I need to redo that guitar track since I put P90’s on my LP copy! :)

The Rhodes sound here is two sounds layered: the “Suitcase Rhodes” patch on my Ensoniq MR76, which has the stereo vibrato built-in, and my own jRhodes3 soundfont.


Nicely done, Lear!! It’s one of my favorite songs; one of my favorite albums, too.

I used to play it in one of my early bands, and I’ve always wanted to try creating my own arrangement. I’ve been working on the keyboard portion recently, so I appreciate the information. Once I get it right, I’ll make sure to post.

Thanks to all for the input.

I did find a free Auto-Pan plugin at www.braindoc.de. It gets me closer to the sound I’m looking for, but not quite there yet. I’m still searchin’…

Thanks again,


You might get what you want by using the Effectizer, from the same chap who did the excellent Mr. Ray and the Organized Trio. Its here.

That’s the ticket!!!

Thanks, TB! I have the Effectizer and didn’t realize it had stereo temolo.

You made my day.



Thanks Tommy – lemme know if you’d like the MIDI for the keyboard part, which was my attempt to be as faithful as possible to Max and learn a thing or two in the process. (Mostly what I learned is he’s way over my head!) And, if you can find improvements in my voicings anywhere please let me know! There were places where I just couldn’t figure what he was doing to get what he got; usually involving middle octave left hand notes that somehow really altered the perception of the rh chord.

It’s one of my all-time favorite albums too.

Lear -

It would be great if you could send your midi file or provide a link!

- Tommy-J

OK, finally posted the MIDI:


It has a tempo map so that it lines up with the original.

Also, you might want to check out this one, which I found on a backing tracks website: