try this

for those of you who do not have a DRUM REPLACER type application and would like to add RYTHMIC drumming (not just blat blat) to a track you could try this -

FIRST - for this i used TOM 1 on the acoustic set of NTDs samples -

now there is a slight problem with these samples, this being that they have long tails which limits the speed that they can be played at, to overcome the problem i did this -

insert TOM 1 into track - grabing the righthand side of the sample i dragged the edge inwards (to the left) in stages shortening the sample, then hitting play after every movement till i had the desired sound and speed -

then i went to FILE - SAVE AS - clicked in the box at the bottom and changed the choice from sng to wave (always do it this way) called the sample TOM 1 SHORT clicked on save and mixed down the new sample (putting the new version back into the NTD accoustic folder) - after doing this and to avoid confusion go to FILE NEW and start with a clean sheet -

NEXT - insert the new sample into the timeline and by grabbing the righthamd side of it drag it out (to the left) till you have 10 samples -

now double click in the SECOND sample to open its properties (we do not want to alter the first sample so we leave it as it is) now change the TRANSPOSE VALUE from 0 to 1 - click on the next sample and change the transpose value to 2 - continue changing the value up by 1 up to the 7th sample now adjust sample 8 to 4 and sample 9 to 2 sample 10 stays the same -

when you play the track the sound of the tom will rise and fall as if it was being played by hand and the percussionist was using one hand to press on the drum head to change its tension -
OK thats the demo done - from here on in its pretty easy to make up a decent rhythmic drum pattern, there are other drums in the NTD acoustic kit to play with and of course millions on the web -