a few tunes

Here’s my first efforts - all done with n-Track and various numbers of midi tracks for backing.

Thanks for listening. pay no attention to the big fish…


Beautiful Love and Fly me To The Moon are my favs… real nice Rich - you got chops!

Whatcha using for the drum tracks?

Nice… :agree:

You wouldn’t be a BIAB guy wouldja?

Cool stuff Rich!


Thanks guys! I’m encouraged.

I use BIAB to make the midi files first, then tune them up with midi2wave recorder (change the patches and mix). After that, it’s all imported to n-Track, then I record the guitars.


Cool stuff Rich.

I love BIAB. A lot of “jazzers” use it. I just had a suspicion… :)

I’m thinking of asking Santa for RealBand this year. I have heard some really good stuff done with RealBand. :agree:



I don’t know anything about RealBand, but I would like to know what you think of it, should that happen in the near future…

As for jazz, I don’t know. Sometimes when I sit in at a new jam, I don’t recognize what they’re playing at all (in form or by name), but a lot of people don’t like the RealBook tunes that I play - so it’s a matter of opinion.

I am enjoying the music I hear from postings on this forum, thoroughly, whatever ‘genre’ (if that’s the right word) - it’s really great that you all express yourself - that makes it real (REAL) in my book.