riff rock's triumphant return!

more crap speweth forth

the three songs that i worked on this weekend are pretty much done. the first one is posted now under the new alter-ego. being self-indulgent is pretty fun.

The new song is called ‘island’. lyrics are included. i miss the glory days of late 70’s riff rock, and rue today’s non-creative world of pounding power chords into oblivion. this isn’t nearly as tight as i wanted, but the basic idea is there. have fun.


Ha I love it Jdet!

That riff rock style too…talent. Powerchords are ok but everyone can play them. Not so riff rock!

All good stuff. Just felt the vox needed turning up a little but that’s all on my headphones.

Nice one.

I only have crappy laptop speakers at the moment… but first listen, I like! Pretty much what Craig said. Anybody can tune to Drop D and bash one finger power chords… The riffage is what makes it cool and takes a player.




Cool riffs!!! Whoever is singing has that 80s arena rock sound…BUT… WHERE IS THE COWBELL???


Love the harmonies - can’t pin down who it brings to mind - (That’s good)

I have two points of critique (opinion). Tempo needs kicked up a tad and tightened up in spots, and you know what they say about opinions.

What does it mean when your alter ego has an alter ego too?

I miss this type of music. very reminiscent of Captain Beyond in the 70s. Could be a little tighter which would give it more impact but very enjoyable as-is!
Nice one!



true, needed to be a lot tighter. that’s my own arena vocals.
thanks for the comments. i may redo it tighter at some point. i may not.

That riff is GRATE! You got it. I love the back vocals, I think this one has the best vocals of anything I’ve heard of yours. Great guitar sound man, enjoyed it thoroughly.

thanks nix. the guitar sound is largely the work of plug-ins (freeamp3, to be precise).

Great bass sound too! (No one ever compliments the bass player anymore!)

It’s obvious when a bass player mixes though ain’t it?! Bass is always ‘right there.’

Yeah, sometimes a little too much there - I’m not mentioning Sir Paul…

although geddy didn’t mix the Rush stuff, it’s clear he had someone’s ear. i subscribed to that school. My dad also mixed his band’s stuff from that same train of thought.

and you’re right, no one compliments the bass player. hmmph. except me!

OK, 3 tunes posted, 2 are very early Pink Floyd sounding then this, Rush/Triumph/Yes sounding, big curve ball.
this is more like early Yes. Good stuff!

I think the vocals are what make me think Yes, excellent job! :)