riffin rock tune

if you like it,

This is a riffin rock tune I’ve been trying to finish for months now, We recorded the drums in February, Steve Duff helped me mix it and he mastered it for me, Wondering if you guys can go for it?? Comments, suggestions, queries, derision, blame and insight all equally welcome from the ntrack bunch with the excellent ears!

You So Hip !!

Nice edgy sound on that.
And interesting lyrics.
When Steve Duff mastered this, what did he use?
Just n-track, or some plug ins?

nice tune guys - love the roomy snare sound! :agree:

Loved the riffing, how’d you get all those words out! Good job and the mix is awsum!
Had me dancing this morning! :agree:

Spiffy tune Nix.
That should get the ladies in the cafiteria shankin it!
No mo home work no mo books no mo teachers dirty looks!
Schools, out, 4, summer!
You rock’n roll teach!

ohhh, i like this, it moves well…the lyrics ‘You hip, you hop, The craze is heated, You tip you top’ and the way that you have delivered them works really well, heaps of personality. great sounding

Ange x

lovin’ the drums too.

it does move well, ain’t no doubtin’ that.

i can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if you turned up the rawk sound on the guitar and played the song through. it might’ve filled out the sound more. especially if you double tracked and panned them. i dunno, i’m just ramblin’. there’s nothing wrong with it the way it is.

nicely done!

Hey thanks! Very encouraging! Yep, Levi school’s out and I finally got back to work! Thanks Ange, Poppa, Yaz, JDET, the idea of doubletracking is a good one, I was afraid of it getting loose though, thanks, Pingcat, I think Steve uses Sony Audition (?) for final mixes, he told me about a few tricks to master things in ntrack, on a few other tracks I’m going to be using ntrack with WideBugs, Fish Fillets of some of the Kjaerhus Classic series plugins to give it some pop, OK thanks a million for the input! :)

Sounds good!

Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ Jul. 02 2009, 8:53 AM)

lovin' the drums too.

i can't help but wonder what would've happened if you turned up the rawk sound on the guitar and played the song through.

Nix has an exceptionally unique distorted guitar sound and playing style. Its very low end heavy, hard & fast, and in this recording stepped on the bass and drum kick/toms frequencies.
I asked him to eq out some of the guitar bottom end, pan the guitar/bass to opposite sides. In so doing we lost some of his driving guitar sound but gained a better drum/bass/guitar mix. In this song I think his vocals, also very unique, drive it as much as anything else.

How they recorded the drums was great. This doesn't show up in the mp3 very well, but at times there is a room reflection from the snare that really adds something to the sound.

Nix did a great job on this mix!


Nice one guys. You really got this psuedo punk thing going, with the vocals and drums especially. Cleverly written :agree:

Thanks a lot guys! Yep, Steve was a big help with this and I have learned a lot in the last few weeks from his advice. Thanks for all the comments and feedback on this!