Right Here Waiting

Acoustic Rock featuring Jamstix

Hi all,

I just finished a new song “Right Here Waiting”

You can download it from here:

I used Jamstix for the drums. Everything else was me.

Any feedback on the mix or the song itself would be appreciated.


Wow Rich I see why u recommend Jamsticks. Did you use a step sequencer or was that the virtual drummer mode?

I use JS in Manual mode and program what patterns I want for each bar in the Arranger window.

I started with all inbuilt patterns and then modified some (adding or removing snare or kick beats, or changoing from hh to ride etc.) and saving them as custom patterns.

I had the funkiness and complexity set pretty low as it sound to “prog rock” or flash if you have them up too high.

I then draw automation envelopes to control the velocity, powerplay, tambourine etc.


That’s a good piece of songwriting. The drums sound decent, but they still seem a little “busy” IMO. It definitely feels more spontaneous than a regular drum machine.

Thanks ksdb.
I think I can see why you might think the drums are a little busy. i like them that way though. Kinda gives the song more energy.
I think so anyway…