RIP Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson’s Brilliant Presence.

Mr Soul

I don’t get it man…what a waste…why did this guy wack himself? That is THE single most unfathomable thing in the world to me. If somebody posts on here… “Eh, ol’ TG done offed himself.” Don’t you friggin’ believe it! There’s some murdering S.O.B. afoot! Call the fuzz! Check my wife, she probably did it! She’s always taking out these dang insurance policies…

I love ME man!..


Life is too short and precious for this. :(

When I was still working for a living, a young engineer I worked with did the same thing.

He was mid twenties, good-looking, and always laughing and joking. He seemed to be the most stable and happy guy you could meet.

Then, after an argument with his girlfriend, he went home, up to his bedroom, stuck a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

His dad who was downstairs at the time heard the gunshot and went upstairs to find his son’s brains all over the bedroom.

I saw Mr King at the funeral, and several times after that, and he always had a terribly haunted look on his face.

I feel sorry for the young lad, an awful waste of a young life, but what an unbelievably horrible thing to do to his dad.


First of all, HST was in his late 60’s and I think his health was failing. Perhaps he was also depressed. This is very different than a young person taking his/her life.

I’ve known one teenager & one adult who’ve taken their own lives. My wife’s grandfather asphyxiated himself because he had really high blood pressure back when the treatment was null or harsh (I didn’t know him personally). It’s a shame any way you look at it.

Mr Soul