RIP my 12 string

but not my car perhaps…

So we woke up yesterday to find that once again our basement had a couple inches of water in it (rainwater this time). Learned last time that everything needs to be up off the floow, so almost nothing was hurt, easily cleaned up, EXCEPT my mid-60s japanese violin shaped 12 string, which believe it or not was quite playable. Was.

OK, everything was mostly cleaned up by noon, went off to catch a basketball game at my school and on the way there a 17 year old driver who has had her license for just a couple of months ran a red light and smashed the family van. Dunno if it’s a total loss yet, insurance folks are looking at it tomorrow, my guess is it is not totaled, but…

Darned Saturday the 14th bad luck.


OK I feel better now. :)

Everybody OK, cars excepted ?

Yeah. What about the folks Tom? Bondo can’t fix people as well as autos…


PS Major bummer about the axe too…

Quote (Diogenes @ Jan. 15 2006,17:28)
Bondo can't fix people as well as autos...

Right ! Try selling that one to wifey :)

Bummer! :( We don’t have basements out here, so the house just floods :p

I also had a run in with Saturday the 14th before.

That sucks (the car and the 12 string).

Hope everone is alright

Oh, sorry, forgot about the people! Where are my priorities? ???

No one was hurt. $4,200 USA dollars worth of fender and bumper and frame damage. Car’s only worth about 6K. But the insurance people are coming through like champs. :)

Anyway, thanks for the comments fellows!

$ 4200 - man that’s a lot of bondo :)

A guy where I grew up, YEARS ago… we called him “Bondo Bailey”. The story goes that he tried to fix his elderly fathers busted dental bridge with Bondo. The chemical reaction set the poor old mans mouth on fire! Bailey NEVER lived that down. After his dad got out of the hospital, he threatened to kill the stupid SOB. It’s really hard to tell who was the dumber of the two though… Bailey for trying it or his dad for letting him! :D


That’s a bummer Tom; sorry to hear about it. :(

Ach well, you’ve now had your statistical share of shit for a while, so take pleasure in your upcoming standard deviation fun. :D

Ali, you have a way with words. :)