RME 400 Recording

Multiple tracks being created

N-Track and RME 400

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium, and a Compaq SR 2180NX with a RME 400.

When I select the Record button from N-Track seven tracks are created the first time. Each additional time I select Record six tracks are created. Only track one is being recorded no matter how many times I select Record.

Under N-Track Audio Recording Devices only WDM Fireface 400 Analog 1 and 2 is selected. Is there a setting I have missed?

Thank you for any assistance.


I think you have to “Left-click” on the little (+) icon just below the Record Meter… That will open a menu where you can (Select which audio/channel device to add)

I believe that from there you can configure the number of input-and tracks you can “ARM” to record.