RME HDSP 9632 audio interface

RME 9632 and N-Track (24 bit version)

I am using RME HDSP 9632 audio interface (balanced system) and latest version of N-track (24 bit version). I have continued to experience problems with low input signals to the software VU meters. Problem very difficult to explain…just wanted to know if any other N-track users are using the RME 9632. If so, I will explain in detail and request solution.


Hi arie397:
If I hear what you’re saying correctly… I can think that you need to supply the input (s) to your Audio Hardware with a higher audio level. The software… n-Track… is an interface to your DAW… and controls the Streaming of A-D and D-A information, via the Hardware Drivers, to-and-from the Hard drives… You have Hi-End Audio Hardware… among the best quality money can buy…

Haveing said that… Do you think that the signal you’re giving your audio hardware is in the order of -10db when in fact you need to supply your hardware with Say, 0 db or +4 db? And Balanced Audio??