RME Multiface

Anyone use RME with n-Track?

I am thinking of maybe getting an RME converter with the PCI card for allowing multiple inputs. Anyone have any experience with RME and N-Track?

I don’t personally know anybody using an RME…BUT…RME has an solid reputation for good hardware and perhaps more importantly, EXCELLENT DRIVERS. I have spent a considerable amount of time researching audio/MIDI interfaces and RME users have consistently been a happy group. I would LOVE to buy one of their new FireWire800 units. WAY outta my price range though. I’ll betcha that is one SWEET setup!

I’d be willing to bet RME and n-Track would get along great! Let us know how you make out if you DO go with an RME?


cool thanks for the opinion man!

anyone else?

limey ere geeky mate’’’‘those rme got a blinkin eavy rep fer bein one a them gonzo prodys fer recordin mate’’’‘nothin much else ta say’’’ :D :D

gonzo prodys? anyone here speak Limey? :p

read as: top products

Hi All:
I’m That Close to spec’ing a new P-4 DAW (I’m in the “intel camp”) and n-Track as the Editor… RME audio hardware/comverters… And an early version RADAR Setup, (not new) … to make a System-to-Die-For…

All I need is, several buckets full of… “Lunies and Tunies”… :O