RMS meter

Anyone know of a freebie/cheapie?

Here is what I am trying to do. I am trying to balance the output of different samples for my samplers. The problem I run into is that some will tear the audience’s head off while others are too quiet. I have spent hours at home trying to do it by ear through my PA, but it doesn’t seem to be close enough to the house sound at the clubs we play where the PA is 5 times what I have at home. Any ideas as to a real time RMS meter that can work with standard old WMA drivers? I suppose I could bounce stuff into Sound Forge, fiddle, and bounce it back out, but that is a lot of work… I tried using PeakComp in Live mode, but it caused N to crash.

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Sorry, I just thought this was too funny to pass up. It makes you really wonder sometimes.

I found this while searching for plugin meters. (no luck so far)

PSP vintage meter? It’s free. ???

Quote (phoo @ Mar. 10 2005,15:24)
no luck so far

Tell me about it. I have been giving KVR-VST and Google a real work out over this....

EDIT: Tom, that is perfect assuming it doesn't bomb N out in Live mode. Downloading now.

The setup for that hung on my machine (WinXp SP2).

Hope it works! If it doesn’t, the PSP guys have been very responsive - I’ve been using their stuff from the beginning, and they have always responded to my queries very quickly. :)

Inspector also has one.

But why use PeakComp in live mode? Surely you can do this as a post process.

Hi Bubbagump:
That PSP Vintage Meter has worked very well for me and around the setup I have. If you “open” the meter up, (clicking on the meter) you’ll have access to the Config panel… You should be able to adjust the meter’s response to just about any custom response you like…

With a Dual Head graphics card and two monitors, you’ll see any amount of Track Control with-in n-Track… It has never presented any issues, for me, with n-Track as the editor… You should be able to download the meter in DX or VST format… Download both to see which one works best with your setup… I’d have to check, but I believe I use the VST Format, meter…



The setup file I get was an exe that got stuck “searching for files”. It’s supposed to have the dx and vst versions in it. Is there another link?


Hi phoo:
That link should be O.K. ??? ??? I saved the .exe file to a DVD… 07/2004… But I’ve had the download for some time before that… ?? mabey, 2003… After I downloaded and installed it. There is a PianoVerb there, as well… Works just great with n-Track. However, it defaults to the “OFF” position… Gotta check all the time to make sure it’s turned “ON”…

The size of the VU Meter .exe application is a little over 2.5 meg, in size. 2.547 meg. to be exact…


Installer File Version
Filesize 2.48 megs.

Ijust tried it on my home machine. Same problem. It comes up and gets stuck Searching for files.

Setup Factory setup launcher
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OK…it finished…finally.

When I posted it had been sitting there for ten minutes. Right after it poped up and finished.

That’s a screwy install. What files might it be searching for? I have 4 - 160 gig hard drives on my work machine and an 80 and a 250 gig at home.

That seems rather heavy handed. I hope it didn’t phone home too much info.

Quote (learjeff @ Mar. 10 2005,19:24)
But why use PeakComp in live mode? Surely you can do this as a post process.

I just need the RMS metering. I have all of this in a hardware sampler that I use on stage. I really don't want to go through the trouble of recording everything to disk and then back out to the sampler after doing an RMS normalization or equivalent. If I could just tweak the patch volume parameters in the sampler it would be a whole lot quicker. Thus I would like to use a real time meter that I can just plug the sampler into and bounce back and forth between patches quickly.

aha – I see.