Road Trip Blue

Depression after a great trip

This is the first thing I’ve been able to finish since the summer, about a road trip I took about, say 15 years ago, My friend Bill Savoie on the drums, I did all the other tracks,

anyway , hope ya like it!

Road Trip Blue

Cool song, Nix. :agree:

yup, that’s a good’en. love the lyrics, great chilled sound. :agree:

Good tune.
Nice little jam near the end.

Hi nixon1972:

That’s quite a trip to undertake…
There’s a lot of road on a trip like that…
I’ve been to the west coast on two trips…
One to Vancouver and another to San Francisco…
But, I flew both times…
However, when you fly you don’t get to experience how big the country… North America, is…
How many miles was the trip and how long were you on the road?
I’m that close to quiting my job and hitting the road…
Leaving the East Coast, Nova Scotia, and doing the Big Block… Maybe, places, in-between…

There’s some nice sounding tracks on your song…
Good stuff…



Thanks a lot guys and gal :laugh: Yes Bill, the trip was for a whole month but I can only guess at the total mileage, like maybe 3500 miles, I’m not sure what that is in kms, The thing I would recommend to someone on a long trip is to take time to just stop along the way and stay for a few days when you find a little spot you like, stay rested, even though you think you’re not doing anything in a car all day, it’s still tiring. The goal is best when it’s not the destination but the trip itself,

Thanks again!

Another rockin tune!! Love the mix, sound of the drums, stereo spread of the opposing leads. Every time I listen I get this nice warm wrapped around feel.

Rocking guitars. way up to your usual high standard. :agree:

I thought it was likable.

Quote: (nixon1972 @ Dec. 20 2009, 8:45 PM)

The goal is best when it's not the destination but the trip itself,

You're right..
I'd like to just hit-the-road..
No destination in mind..
Take about three months..
and see what I can find..
to see..

When I trucked, the end of the line when going west was Hwy 401 and Dixie Road ramp..
west side Toronto..
A good trip was 29 hours..
A bad trip was 36 hours..
Same way heading east..
I knew it was over when I stopped rolling the wheels in Cole Harbour Nova Scotia..

Somehow, I'm thinking a 10 - 12 thousand mile run over a 3 - 4 month trip..

The only issue is, I'd need someone to maintain the house and property while I'm away..