Roland GR-09 as a hardware synth

using midi

I just realized I own one great little synth in this unit. Instead of digging around on the net I thought I might simply ask about possible midi use for this piece of hardware.
What I’m thinking is… routing a midi file through my line 6 kb37 to the roland then using the roland analogue out back into the line 6 to record… ????? that sound feasible?
Or will one midi cord do it? Curious, I’ll do some checking tomorrow. Hardware always sounds better to me for some reason. Reason being it sounds better to me I reckon.

Sure it’ll work. All you gotta remember is MIDI OUT (or THRU) connects to MIDI IN. You’ll need to know how stuff is mapped in your Roland. Should be in the manual. There should at least be specs for the default factory patches.

You should be able to play the Roland with your KB37 keys AND/OR pipe MIDI data to it from software.

Have fun!!


PS You’ll need to record the Roland audio output into your DAW through a pair of channels on your interface of course… MIDI data (KB37?) > Roland > Analog audio > Interface (KB37?)

Well it should huh?
I was playin with some synth plugins when I spied my lonesome Roland sitting all alone. She looked up at me and said, "I have better sounds than that in me."
I think she’s right.

That should be a great unit for synth sounds.

It works great with my Strat - I really should get it set up and ready to go on a moments notice. Guess I could start using my red Strat for live play and bring my midi Strat home.

Thanks for that link pooh er… phoomeister. :D

Ju7st an update on using the Roland thru my line 6 midi controller.
I dusted it off - fired it up - hunted down my midi chord, plugged it into the Roland - went to the KB 37 rear panel - looked - looked twice - you catch my drift? There is no midi in/out/or thru on it…

No I actually have to think… that sux.

Well… shoot… guess I’ll scratch that one off the “D lusts for a MIDI controller list” then. USB only huh? Yeah, that does suck.


I don’t get it -
Does the KB37 output a midi stream over USB or does it
convert (MIDI to audio) onboard and just output an audio stream over USB?
I mean there has to be MIDI note on/off + control data somewhere.
'cus it’s a keyboard controller.

Oh, now I see. Never mind. Just MIDI out over USB.

yep. I’ll just use my Strat when I want my Roland sounds. Gotta banjo part to do tomorrow.
There is a USB to midi chord option but I haven’t thought that through yet.

Man I could not find any details on the GR09 except that everyone seems to love it.
So the controller contains wave-table patches and all the midi stuff
is done inside the controller and spit out as analog audio?
For example - do you plug the out of the controller directly into
an amp (or soundcard)?

Um, would this help?…ual.pdf

(I did not download it)

Thanx techie - I have the manual here in my room - yes to the above - the guitar plugs into the 09 through a special ‘midi’ multi pinner - then analogue AND/OR midi out. I just have no midi in to my DAW right now other than usb through my toneport. Plus, all that reading…blech!
See what I mean?

Been working on my latest “State Song” - It’s Arkansas this week.
I just can’t see doing a song about Arkansas without havin’ a Banjo!
I even found a Jew’s Harp VSTi :slight_smile: Might save that one for North Carolina though. Then I’ll need a squealing pig sample too. :agree:

The creative juices are flowing…
I can taste a Georgia Peach when you get there…
And I like Peacan Pie…


Did you see what Arkansas?

Poppa, I used to use a M-Audio MIDISport 2x2 USB box. 2 in and 2 out via standard MIDI DIN cables. Connects up via USB. Worked great right alongside my USB audio interface. MIDI uses very little bandwidth so it should not be a problem UNLESS there is a stupid driver conflict between your KB37 and the MIDISport. I doubt it though… About a hunnert bux and well worth it IMO.


PS It even has a “thru” button on it so you can doink with your MIDI keys or guitar synth without powering up your PC if you want or need to…

hmmm - a nudder 100.00 this time of year? Fat chance huh?! Unless… Anyone got Santa’s cell # ?

I wish I still had mine PW. I’d gladly box it up and ship it to you on “permanent loan”. I didn’t need it anymore as my EMU has a pair if MIDI I/O jacks and the little Tascam has a set… my toon writin’ buddy was in a bad spot sooo… HE has it on “permanent loan”.

No wonder I stay broke… I give all my gear away… :p


Well it’s my own dang fault for sellin’ my US122…

Well if you can’t afford a 2x2 Midisport, perhaps a 1x1 Uno (or similar) might do.…=701379

Got mine for $34. No thru port though, afaik.

D, send some of that gear my way.