roller coasters

my two nephews visited this weekend, so we went to a local amusement park and rode all of the roller coasters multiple times… what a blast… so, we became interested in the “greatest” roller coasters in the world… we discovered a few, one that i’m particularly interested in, “steel dragon 2000” !!…s.shtml

anyone ever ride this thing?.. it’s in japan, and i was there only a couple of years ago… if only i’d known then!!..


I’m hoping to go to Cedar Point, Ohio, sometime. It’s supposed to have many great coasters to ride.

Cedar Point is by far the best coaster park in the US. I live a few hours south and we take a yearly trip there. Being a bit of a coaster nerd myself, there is no better park for coasters. Notice the number of coasters CP has in those lists. Plus, they have a zillion others that are exceptional. Check it out. BTW, if you do go to CP, take two days. There is just too much to do in one day.

Hey Isaac,

You guys hit Six-Flags? I was there one time when they had taken the cars on the Great American Scream Machine and turned them around backwards. Thus, you rode the coaster facing the rear. What a freakin’ HOOT! Man that was some fun… a hunnert years ago…


yeah, T, we were at six flags… a lot of fun for a day… i’ve only been twice now… first as a 10 year old, and now… although i don’t have many to compare, the coasters were a lot of fun… the superman especially… although, i must admit that the wooden roller coasters are simply too rigid for me… the “turbulence” always leaves me with pains in the back and head… for the fun, though, i can bear it :D

c’mon T, a hundred years?.. sixty at most!.. :D


Well… maybe TEN years ago… sometimes I feel older than I am. Knowattamean? :)



Great American Scream Machine

Hmmm…the GASM? Betcha that one got a lot of screams. Did most people smoke a cigarette afterward riding it? Verrry interesting…


A few of the forum folks may be at Six Flags over Georgia in a few weeks.

My family will be going there and we’ll be seeing some long time friends and at least one new friend from across the Atlantic that just happens to have vacation at the same time. Yes, this will be a fartones vacation.


Will they get me on GASM? Don’t know yet. I like the new metal things that do loops, but the old wood kind scare me to death…we use to go to Norfolk (touring band time)-- that old thing there was a mess, so it finally got torn down. I think there was a disaster movie made about that thing. Maybe my fear of creaking wood is irrational but it’s there never the less.