Rolling off sub 50hz

before or after master limter?

Hi guys,

I was reading another post about rolling off sub 50hz to remove boominess and to reduce the potential to get the mix wrong down at that region as we can’t really hear those frequencies on small near field monitors.

So were would the best place to do this be?
On the master channel of your mixdown before mastering?

Or as part of the mastering? And if so before or after whatever compression you do with your mastering?
ie. is the aim to get the whole thing done and then just roll off sub 50 hz, or roll off sub 50hz and then compress so that some of that sub 50hz will get compressed too?


Roll off and get the overall EQ smooth before the mastering limiter for sure. One killer of volume is sub-harmonics – Uneven EQ in general can contribute, but a totally flat EQ isn’t necessarily what you want either. Those deep lows can hit the limiter and cause pumping as well. This is a legitimate reason to not put any limiting or even compression in the master insert. (in spite of what I’ve said in other posts :D )