Rookie Question

Terrible sound on rcord

Hi Guys…been a while !!

I feel dumb even asking this…I know the answer is probably out there but I couldn’t Find it. I have a new puter, I instaled n-Track and recorded with m-Audio mobilePre USB. The playback was VERY gravel-ly and I can’t for the life of me remember how I fixed it the last time. Any help, as always, is greatly appeciated.


Although you may not see red in the N-track vumeter, make sure your gain input on the mobile pre isn’t too high. I believe there is an indicator LED to guide you. Once that is checked out, make sure you are overloading your input signal into N-track using the recording vumeter.

If you are using a microphone that requires phantom power, in the phantom power switch on? If you don’t need phantom power, make sure it’s off.

YOu don’t say what you had connected to the m-Audio mobilePre USB.

Thanks syn707, however the gain was set normally (not overloaded). I’ve used this setup before when I got my last puter. There was something I tweaked and I’ll be damned if I remember what it was. I read about what to do in this forum, someone else had the same problem and if I’m not mistaken LearJeff(sp?) answered the quesion and I followed the directions and it worked fine. But, to answer your statement the Mic was just a V-Tech dynamic, nothing special, but it worked fine on the old system I’m wondering if it has something to do with the on-board sound vs. the MobilePre.

Thanks in advance for the time.


We’ll need a better clue about what’s wrong with the sound. Nothing comes to mind other than already mentioned above.

Thanks Guys! At least I spelled learjeff correctly (if not case sensitive). I can record either left or right side. The VU Meters register on either side (I only tried to record 1 side at a time). When I play back what was recorded, the voice sounds like it’s a bit slow, it has the quality of a really poor electronic voice (gavel-ly, tin-ny) and the playback sound seems to have no relation to the wave sign in the channel display. In other words when the display has gone past what appears to be the end of the recording, the vocal is still going and the quality sounds like a cheap synthetic voice. Now I know I don’t sing like an angel, but this sounds really bad.

I don’t have much hair left at my age, but I’m about ready to pull out the two I have left.

Thanks in advance for the time and help.


Has your soundcard “clock setting”? By the way, is not it set to “external clock”?

You wouldn’t happen to be sending a stereo signal into the balanced line input would you? Those inputs are mono 1/4" TRS balanced. Sending stereo, which could also be TRS, will work – sort of --but would give much less than optimal results.

OK…we’re making progress. I have “normal” sound, but here’s the rub. I have to go to File Menu Settings every time I play back. I don’ have to change anything, just display the page and say OK. Is there some setting I missed and need to change. Phoo, thanks for the thought but I have a single dynamic mic with a low impedence able, so it’s definitely not going in stereo. Marce, how do I check the clocking on the sound card but besides isn’t the MobilePre now acting as the sound card? See , I’m living proof a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Thanks again guys, I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and can be pretty sure it’s not an oncoming train.


Check to see that n-track2.cfg (same folder that n-tracks is installed into) has write access. Maybe a setting isn’t getting saved. I think that all you need to do is open the settings and close is is a good clue to what’s going on. This might be one for Flavio since only he knows what gets touched if that all you do.

Sounds like a pump is getting primed…but which pump?