Routing a track to a group cuase a delay...

…with my JV1010’s midi led going wild

Hi there !
Just curious if anyone’s seen this, or maybe can comment on it ?
I always thought that this was a delay in my system, so I never gave it a glimpse.

If I right click a track and tell it to ‘Output to Groupx’, the PC sits for about 1 to 4 seconds not doing anything, and then gives me control back. However the other day my JV1010 happened to be on, and I routed a normal audio track to a group (It was one of two only tracks in the project - stereo TD6 pair that I wanted to route together).
I noticed the 1010’s midi activity led was blinking like mad (mostly it was just solidly on) for the time that the PC was ‘thinking’.
Then, as soon as the routing finished, it stopped.

What’s happening here ?
Why does it send out such a humungous midi data load ?

I just thought it was interesting …

Wihan <- Celeron 950, latest 3.3 build, Delta 1010LT

Hey Wihan,

Is that “humungous midi data load” you’re getting the same problem described in this thread? For billthecat, he turned off MIDI Echo to fix it.


Do you have “Keep MIDI devices open” checked?

Scantee, no it’s not totally the same - close tho’. I have midi echo on, but the JV1010 works normaly otherwise.

Bubba, I do have my midi devices open, come to think of it, I use it so little that I can just as well turn it on when need be.

It makes sense that it can solve it, but then(for interest sake) why does it need to send midi data if I only change routing on an audio track ?

I’ll try it tommorow night and let you guys know.
I’ma little tired right now.

Thanks for the replies !