Rowboat Veterans for Truth

Outing G.W.

Ha, ha - great site.

Let’s face it, George Washington got REAL lucky!!!

I love that site, thank you. :D

But it missed out a few of the other facts about George Washington:

(1) It was his unprovoked act of “chopping down the Cherokee” (who was unarmed and probably asleep at the time), that started the whole series of Indian wars and cost the lives of countless multitudes.

(2) His marriage to Martha Stewart was indeed childless, and was purely a publicly relations stunt for both of them. It kept her out of prison, and stopped the snide comments about his private life.

(3) He was so continually drunk, that when he started building HIS capital city in HIS state, not only did he miss the state completely, but he was several thousand miles out!


Anyway, that’s the way we see it over here, but as we have severe problems with our own history, how the #### do you think we can understand anyone else’s? :laugh: