rude mics , wots da story

eh wot mates oi came across dese mics’’’’’ looks like a new maker o’ mics’’’ look blinkin nice fer da moolah’’’ wots da story on them mateys cos dey looks kinda neat :D :D

Dunno, maybe they insult the singer as they record?

I’m fascinated by your “Cockney” accent Limey.

What era is it supposed to be anchored in?

Certainly none of the ones that I, in my long life, have encountered in London’s East End.

Nor any of the ones portrayed by many authors who have attempted to render the East End accent.

I’m intrigued.

And, is there a wee bitty of Jamaican in there?

“dese mics”?

“dese”? LOL


You have to be kidding! :D :D :D

Don’t tell me, you’ve got the “directors cut” of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins! ROFL

Well, “Limey”, having read much material by the original Limey when I was still EddieMac, I’m afraid your attempts lack any verisimilitude whatsoever.

Ever even been to London? :laugh:

Great try me old mucker, but no fackin’ coconut! LOL


A few wee questions for you “Limey”.


Who was the better guvnor of The Vic, Frank or Den, and why?

What was Del Boy’s favourite expression to use with Rodney?


You’re standing at the dilly, you walk up Shaftsbury Ave; which is the first pub on your right? Which is the first theatre you come across?

Greek Street is in which ethnic area? What’s it famous for?

Recording (and I know that Limey was involved in the business):

EMI studios at Abbey Road; which street is the entrance used by staff and musicians? Which street is the parking on? What’s the name of the lady who runs the tea trolley, (and she’s been doing it for 20 years or more).

TVC at Shepherds Bush, the home of Whistle Test, TOTP, etc. Which studio was used for TOTP? Which floor were the dressing rooms on? Which bar is used by engineers? Which bar is used by performers? Which floor is make-up and wardrobe on?

Where’s BH? Where’s Bush house? (And if you’re an engineer, don’t try to tell me you’ve worked at neither of those! LOL).

Music: Tin Pan Alley, where is it? Where is the home of the MU? Where was it until recently?

I await your answers with baited breath! LOL


Hi Limey:
Have you got a link that you can post that’ll point to a page, that will show these mics?

I got the link Limey… Those mics look fantastic…

This link gets closer to the meat of the matter…

Hi Ali:
I think Kevin McMichael was in-and-around those areas of that organization… Do you know who and what group he was connected with? And, do you know what country /nationallity he was and from what parts of that country he called home? I think he called that part of London his home town for as many as 15-20 years… And where is he now?

Oh Yes… Who/what enertainers were his IDOLS ??

> I await your answers with baited breath! LOL <

:;): ??? :laugh:



Hey All, I’m just shareing a bit of trivia with you all… :p

oh blinkin eck matey ali’’’’ i wos born wiv in snd of bow bells
matey’’’’ n i dont watch blinkin coronashun street cos only fools n orses go there mate n totp = oill give it foive :D :D

Hey, Ali, I know a bunch on this side of the water would say that Bush house is sort of White and somewhere over on the eastern side of the N. American continent. Most would be hard pressed to say where exactly, however. :)

ole bushy house aint no blinkin test anyway tomsy mate cos all know its da beeb place’’’’ n beeb did da coles mic designs originals’’’’ im goin up da apples n pears n gettin sum blinkin
lie down ‘’’’ fools n orses used ta be one a me fav proggies
on da box’’’’ on shaftsbury ave yer got da old big book store on lhs of street n used ta be ann summers round dere n sum vintage gitter places as well’’’ been yonks since i been dere cos o pickpockets n grunge n stuff :D :D