Run 3.3 and 4.0.1 on same system?

Can this be done?

Anyone tried to install 4.0.1 in a path other than the default and then tried to use 4.0.1 for testing and 3.3 for production until 4.X has some of it’s issues resolved (the one I have read about is the CPU spiking). Any problems re: registry entries or registered DLL’s doing this? Problems with plugins? n-track registration codes? Thanks,

n-track’s user interface gets messed up pretty bad when using both. you have to reinstall whichever version you want to use each time or the buttons are all out of place.

for example. if you last installed v3 and want to use v4, you re-install v 4 and its buttons are fine. you can continue to use v4 as long as you want, but as soon as you want to use v3, you have to reinstall it. now v4’s buttons are messed up but v3 looks/works fine.

v4 seems to be working quite well for me with latest builds. the cpu spike was resolved a build ago or so, and teh plugins work fine as long as “multithread directx plugins” is turned OFF. no prob with my registration codes. can’t vouch for others.