run Ntrack from board rather than with mouse

What works well?

I am getting a sore hand using the mouse to raise and lower the individual faders on the computer/Ntrack screen.
I know this can be done with something like regular faders and USB, but I have no idea what would work.
I have great pre amps and don’t need to buy more of that stuff. I just want to control the Ntrack board with a real world mixer instead of vertural.
What do I need?

Well, there are a bunch of midi control surfaces you can try but I hear they are a pain to set up (you only need to do it once, though, I guess.)

But before you invest in hardware, did you know about all the keyboard shortcuts? For example, “q” and “a” control the fader for track 1, “w” and “s” for track 2, etc. Have a look under “Help” => “Keyboard Layout” for starters.

And no hardware controller can match the depth of a mouse-driven menu interface. You’d need a gazillion knobs and switches!


If I recall, someone has been using a Behringer BCF2000 with some success. I’m sure there are likely a number of other control surfaces that would work equally well or better.

I considered buying a control surface, but once I started using the volume envelopes to draw the fader movements I decided I didn’t need one.

Using volume envelopes is a lot more accurate than using either your mouse or a control surface (you can zoom right in and get something to jump up or down in volume virtually insantaneously).

You don’t need to worry about whether you have enough fingers to move all the faders you want at once etc.

A control surface would be fun, but I don’t see how it can be more powerful than drawing envelopes when mixing…