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hi all, upgraded to V6 and got it all working with my new 24 bit interface - happy days. but i still want to be able to run my old V5 because everything was recorded 16 bit and when i open it in the new version things don’t line up / sync etc. whatever, doesn’t bother me running old version for old tracks and just using V6 from now on.

Problem is, when I first installed my new 24 bit interface and set it as the audio device for V5, it started adding in the sound artifact 'cause i only had a 16 bit version. fine, but now i try to run it with my old audigy which i have checked is set to 16bit on the device control, i am still getting that loathsome sound inserted. V5 still says registered to me in the about box. how to fix. any ideas.

I’ve run into this problem with older songs recorded on older versions of n-Track showing up out of sync with newer versions of n-Track. The project settings must be the same as the settings the song was recorded at. Sometimes even resetting the project settings to match the old song would require a restart on n-Track before the song would load properly.

As far as the sound artifact is concerned, there was a time long ago when you had control over where n-track would be installed. Newer versions do not allow for this option, and is sadly missed, however I suspect a conflict as result of n-Track installing over itself without a proper un-install. Try re-installing your codes. If that doesn’t work send Flavio a PM or e-mail and he’ll get you sorted out.


my suggestion if I had one, tee hee, would be to use a third party software (like dbpoweramp) to convert the files from 16bit to 24 bit, you may be able to then open the project file in V6 and all those files will already be in 24bit.

dbpoweramp gives you the option to overwrite the original file.

the 24bit version and code of V5 is what you need (since according to your own confession you only have the 16bit), I have it but it cost me extra $$$, from what I understand these things are sold separately from any numeric upgrade, in other words you could have bought the 24bit upgrade for V5 back before 6 came out.

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yeah guess I will email Flavio.

Re. 16 vs 24 bit, upgrading to V6 WAS my upgrade to 24bit registration. I just wanted to be able to continue to run my old one in 16bit mode with my old interface (16bit). Tried putting the number back in but to no avail. Flava Flav will know what to do… :wink: