S3 Twister Video Driver and Audio Fallout?

On my laptop (HP XZ148/P4-M/512ram) I notice that neither usb or firewire interfaces (have used both the tascam us-122 and presonus firebox) will work with it installed. They just playback choppy sound and fuzzy noise freakouts). When I UNINSTALL the S3 twister video driver (yes, it is the driver that came with my laptop’s onboard video card) things go back to normal and audio functions…but I am then unable to play DVDs or anything visually heavy. Video is glitchy without it installed and audio works…and when S3 is installed, video is great but audio is glitchy. I mean…this is my music computer and all so audio is top priority, but it just bugs me that I can’t have everything just working normally together…makes me feel like something else could die out at anytime. I’m not educated on video cards and thier drivers really…anything else I could download or try out perhaps? Thanks.

Have you considered re-formatting and setting up a dual-boot system? That way you could have your video drivers installed on one boot-up for everyday use, and have the other boot-up tweaked (no vid drivers, etc…) as your DAW.

Yeah It crossed my mind but to be honest I was hoping to find a way around that…Thanks anyhow.


I know I sound like a broken record with the DoubleDawg utility I mentioned before, but since you mentioned video issues, I couldn’t resist…have you tried using it to lower the PCI latency value for your video device? Sometimes it can make a difference, sometimes not, but it’s an easy enough thing to try…