Sad, sad news...

Matt, the son of close friends, just passed away this morning at 6AM. Matt had recently come down with childhood luekemia and has been in intensive care for pretty much 2 months. The cancer was in remission but his blood platelets never made it out of the danger zone and his organs just started shutting down. Matt was 12 years old.

Matt has had a very tough life. He was autistic from birth and developed seizures when he was 6 or so. He’s always been on medication of some kind ever since I’ve known him.

We’ve all been praying for him but it was his time to go. Our pastor and a good family friend who’s a children’s heart doctor (from Loma Linda) was there with Matt & his parents when he passed.

Matt had a love & passion for trains, and liked to play Star Wars type video games. He also was a great swimmer.

My children, 10 & 13, are pretty much devastated, as are myself & my wife.

Matt is survived by his sister Sara, who’s one my daughter’s best friends, and his father John & mom Marisue, and other family.

What a sad day…

I am saddened for all involved Mike. Prayers going up for everyone…


Hi Mr Soul… Mike and All:
What a tough…tough story to post…

I work on a “Special Needs School Bus” five days a week. I’ have a “Monitor” that works with me and we are all struggling as of late with well being…

He is in the process of heveing a Pace Maker installed… and is a By-Pass surgery surviver…

All these kids that we move every day of the week are very special and important to us… We are a close bunch of people… The parents are the greatest people we know… While my “Monitor” is off work and recovering from this pace maker installation I have a “Spare-Board” Monitor… She is fine and all but the kids and parents all want our bus to get back to normal…

What is IT that makes and sets these kids apart from others? :O ??? :(


That’s very sad, Mike - 12 is just too young.

Matthew 5:4

God blesses those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.

I had a close freind and neighbor die of lukemia when I was a child, so I can say from experience that this is not easy for the kids.
I never will forget him though. He was always chipper. That was one of the hardest things for me to understand as a kid. How can this kid always be so happy knowing he’s dying?
Looking back I know now he is with the Father. :)

Somewhere in the Bible it is said, all things work for the good to those who beleive in Him.
I know that that will be the case here.
My heart is with you Mike for we share this loss.
But we can also rest with the hope that our Lord is just and merciful and that He prepares a place for us…as I know He has done for the Matt.

Peace be with you for it is happy news this day, the boy is in a place free of pain, and surrounded by love.
Rejoice, and await the day when we can join Matt once again. :D

jerm :cool:

There is little that can be said to comfort those who are going through a loss of a family member or a friend. When my father passed, I found a little comfort in these words…

A rose once grew where all could see,
Sheltered beside a garden wall.
And, as the days passed swiftly by,
It spread its branches, straight and tall…

One day, a beam of light shone through,
A crevice that had opened wide~

The rose bent gently toward it’s warmth,
Then passed beyond to the other side…

Now, you who deeply feel its loss,
Be comforted ~the rose blooms there~

Its beauty even greater now,
Nurtured by God’s own loving care.

Take care Mike

Thanks all for the kind words. I feel very comforted and it’s not even my child that died. I was pretty upset last night when I posted - maybe I shouldn’t have done it.

The funeral is next Sat. They are going to try to orient it for Matt’s friends. I think it’s going to be pretty hard to do that, but our pastor is really good - we’ll see what he can come up with.

I forgot to mention that this last year had actually been one of Matt’s best years - he had gone skiing & horseback riding. That was comforting to his parents and all who knew him.

But because he’s been quarantined, none outside the family could go to visit him in the hospital since he’s been there (for 2 months). Last night I was feeling so guilty that we hadn’t had him over to play at our house for a while. And now he’s gone & that will never happen. I just feel so bad about the whole bloody thing.

Matt’s parents, our friends, have pretty much organized their whole lives, and even their future plans, around Matt’s disabilitites. I wonder what’s going to happen to them now, i.e., how they’ll recover, how they’ll go on?

I don’t think I could go on living if one of my kid’s died.

I feel exactly the same way, Mike. Then I think: every single moment with them is irreplacable, and even if everything ended right now, the world would still have been an infinitely greater place because of them. If that makes sense.


I don’t think I could go on living if one of my kid’s died.

No parent should see his kid die.
It’s just not natural.

I cannot think of ANYTHING worse that can happen to a parent than losing a child.


This is Matt’s “official” obituary. The service for him is tomorrow.


MATTHEW THOMAS MEZA, life long resident of Redlands died at 6 A.M. on Friday, April 28. Matthew was 13 years old, and was attending Cope Middle School. Matthew was diagnosed with Leukemia on March 16 of this year. At that time he was admitted to Loma Linda University children’s Hospital. While his leukemia was successfully treated with chemotherapy and in remission, he succumbed to multiple complications. From a very early age Matt enjoyed a nything associated with trains, especially steam locomotives. He owned an extensive HO and G Scale train collection. He often thought of ways to reintroduce rail service to the Redlands Depot. Trains were his main area of interest for many years. He was an active member of Orange Empire Railway Museum, Law’s Train Museum and Southern California Lego Train Club. He also enjoyed assembling Lego kits, especially those modeling Star Wars spacecraft. His favorite Xbox video game was Star Wars Clone Wars. Rec ently he began skiing at Bear Mountain with the US Adaptive Recreation Center. This became his favorite outdoor activity. He learned quickly and soon began enjoying full days of skiing. He also enjoyed horse back riding at El Camino stables. Matt’s diagnosis with Autism did not stop him from making many meaningful and loving relationships. In his life he touched and was touched by many individuals, from his time at Christ the King preschool, Kimberly and Smiley elementary schools, Truesdail Speech and Lan guage Center and Cope Middle School. Matthew attended Redlands First United Methodist Church all of his life and had many rich and nurturing relationships there. Matt was surrounded by loving friends and family and is survived by his sister Sarah; his mother, Marisue and father, John; wonderful grandparents, Jessie Meza, Shirley and Tom Arledge. He has many great and supportive aunts, uncles and cousins. A service celebrating Matt’s life will be at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 6, 2006, Redlands First United M ethodist Church, 1 East Olive Ave., Redlands, at the corner of Olive and Cajon followed by a reception also at the church. In lieu of flowers please send donations to The Autism Society of America or to The Matthew Meza Shining Star Fund at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, (909) 558-3911.

Hang tough for the family Mike. God bless them.


Thanks. You do all you can do but yet you feel like it’s never enough (at least that’s how I feel).