same sound using n-track

i have already posted this topic in and no response yet maybe i can get one here…
ok using the picture below as a visual guide i have my esp out to the ts9 tube screamer out to the boogie triple rec
the g-major and the dod graphic eq are run thru the fx loop of the triple rec.
the marshall 4x12 is mic’ed with a shure sm 57 out to the lexicon lambda and then to the input of the dell via usb into n-track
the headphone output goes into the behringer mixer and headphone out for monitoring…
its a real real simple setup for very basic recording…
now…the issue is when i change the gmajor settings and record all the different settings sound the same on playback , even with adjusting the mic.
when i sit in front of the cab and listen as i play normally they all sound different…i even tried backing off the gain…sounded like pure **** !
what am i missing here?

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So the FX loop - insert is audibly changing sounds but it’s not recording? Even through the shure?

unpossible… :laugh:

If the sound out of the marshall changes and the mic is going in to the laptop?????? What am I missing?

Yeh ^^^^^^^^^^

Can you hear your settings changes on the headphone monitor? Maybe the mic diaphram is damaged. Try another mic?

What’s the sound like when you speak into the mic and record it? Not your voice, but the recorded sound. If it’s not a clean recording, start there.

I’m with Phoo on this one, let’s analyze the signal chain for possible causes.

I have a few questions if you are game.

My first is really more personal than diagnostic but if you can entertain me that would be great.
My preponderance is why you would spend so much money on high end live gear, the Rectifier, the Marshall stack, the guitars, the sure 57, the rack processing equipment, and so little on recording gear if your end game is recording?

Honestly you don’t have to answer that one.

My next question is why you are not using the bundle software that came with the cheezy Lamda to do the recording?
You look like you have quite the signal chain going there and it does appear there are a few opportunities for cross signals and resulting grounding issues.

Does that Rectifier have a record output like my F50?

If it does my suggestion would be to use that to send a signal to the Lamda using the TRS inputs.
If not and your only option is micing up the stack I would suggest plugging the mic into the Behringer mixer and sending a signal to the Lamda from there using the RCA outs to go into the Lamda.

The mic line ins on these small interfaces (lamda) are notorious for issues probably be OK for phantom condenser vocal mics as their add suggest not micing up something as loud as a cab.
Also I would suggest sending a clean/dry signal to the other channel off the equalizer (you can always add FX and amp sims later with plugs) to do this pan your mic hard left and the signal from the rack hard right, then split that track in Ntrack, you will have TWO mono tracks one with the live FX from the boogy and one dry off the rack that you could play around with various amps sims later, this will serve you will for creating a better stereo image in the mixes.

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Why do you assume the Lambda is “cheesy”?

It could be chocolate covered.


Quote: (DEAD CERTAIN @ Mar. 18 2009, 11:42 AM)

Why do you assume the Lambda is "cheesy"?


Read the reviews before I went with M-adio.

IF it was chocolate it would be that plastic tasting kind that only comes around Easter in the form of bunnies and is imported from China.

IF I was standing there I would tell that bear to unplugg the mic from the lambda mic in and plug it into the Behringer mic in and set this up for this guy before he gets home! :whistle:

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