Sample by sample manual editing at high zoom level

This issue relates to my prior posts about editing out pops, squeaks, figure noises ,etc.

I was looking at the recent ntrack changes page and I saw this feature ‘Sample by sample manual editing at high zoom levels’.

How would I go about using this? I didn’t see a function in the menus. Does it literally mean you just click on the wave file and click the zoom button about 500 times until you get enough granularity to edit out such noises?

Short answer? Yes. :)

(phoo @ Jun. 21 2007,18:11)
Short answer? Yes. :)

Actually, there is a toolbar magnify button that when I pressed it, instantly zoomed the selected portion of my wave part significantly.

Dont forget you are editing a mixed wave of whatever was going on in the room.
(that’s why you’re supposed to record in quiet rooms)

Don’t expect to edit out the neighbor’s lawnmower in the background while you’re singing by the window.

You can edit the wave, not pick out discrete objects…