sample songs not downloading...

I’m trying to download the two sample songs from the download page, and everytime I click on them it just takes me to another page with a whole bunch of wierd text…

When I right-click on the link, there is a save link as option, but no save as or save file or whatever it should say.

Is this my problem or the sites problem? Anyone know?


Those song files are Packed Song Files which have a sgw extension, which is used by some other applications as well. Chances are that extension is associated with something else on your machine and the file is opened as text in the browser.

Right clicking the link should show the option to “Save Target As…” That’s the one you should try to use.

I’ve seen this happen with wma files when the server doesn’t have the file type setup correctly for streaming. That happened in some earlier beta versions of WinXp, though the actual problem was when wma files were not declared as audio on Linux servers as there really is no need to do that usually so Linux servers don’t do it by default. Your problem isn’t likely related to that, though the symptom is about the same.

hey Stully, and welcome to N.

I just DL’d the demos using right-click and had no problem. I’m running WinXP, and i get a Save Target As option. If you’re not getting a similar option, it may be a problem with your browser. Have you tried using a different browser, by chance? I really like Firefox.

Both artists who donated the demo songs hang here at this forum. I created Sometimes, and Mr. Soul created On A Roll. I’d be happy to make a copy of the Sometimes demo available to you, if you can’t it from the FaSoft site. Maybe Soul would do the same.


Well, I will try to figure it out. I am using firefox also, by the way. I’ll ask for the song again if I just can’t get them to work.