need one

I have decided that i want a software sampler.But i need ont thats fairly simple to use because im new to it. I intend to get hardware one later.

any help would be great Bones

What do you mean by “sampler”? Do you intend to record your own samples and create sample-based instruments? Or do you want to simply play sample-based instruments?

Or do you do sample-based music (e.g., like some rap/hip-hob), where you want to schedule samples to play rhythmically or in loops?

I’ve heard all the above called “samplers”, and they’re rather different things.


Don’t forget that programs like FL and Orion and the like come with a number of different samplers. Cost wise it might be more effective to get a whole platform (and run it, like FL, as a VST in n-Track, perhaps).

I want to be able to record samples and play them by trigering them via midi,Like voice overs and such ( think pink floyd),

Thanx Bones

Well, Learjeff has an very usefull proggie for record and make soundfonts (samplesets) let´s him talk about it.
About what sampler to use, i like SFZ and Crystal from GreenOak. This last one is very interesting, since you can trigger the samples “As Is” (soundfonts, wave files) or combine them with the synth capabilities of it. There are lots of samplers out there, but the both i mention are free and very nices ones.

Do you need to trigger only one sample at a time? Or do you want to take that sample and spread it out over a keyboard for playback at different pitches? or do you want multisampling capability, so you can have separate samples for each key, and perhaps different6 samples for different “velocities” (volumes/how hard you hit the key)?

If you just want to play back one sample, you can use soemthing pretty simple, like the drum sampler that comes with Computer Music magazine - just load in your own waves files.

A good cheap starter: Go out to the bookstore and get a “Computer Music” magazine.

The software suite they put with every issue includes a sampler and it works with N.

OK, that’s a little outside my specific expertise, which is sampled instruments. (For that purpose, recording them and assembling the sampled instrument is a real hassle, and I have some nerdware to help, and am working on a more extensive program to make it easier but I’m in the very early stages.)

You could use a program like ‘sfz’ and ‘sfz format’ files, if you’re a bit of a nerd. It’s really intended for sampled instruments, but you can use it as a MIDI instrument to play any kind of samples mapped to whatever keys you want. It’s controlled with a text file that’s not too hard to create, but it’s way not a GUI thing. If you’re interested in that, let me know and I can post an example .sfz file that you could easily modify so you could use MIDI to play your samples. (You’d record the samples using n-Track.)

But I’m sure there is an easier way.

I don’t use n-Track V4, but doesn’t the latest version support samples? Or is it just a built-in MIDI drum synth?

I wonder whether programs like Fruity Loops and Acid make this easy. Anyone know? Those are the programs folks use for making sample-based music and beats stuff. I’ve never used them. There are folks at who do and you might consider asking your question there.