Samples and Soundfonts

There’s a bunch of stuff in these links

I subscribe to a newsletter that maybe some of you have already recrived this notice……s&id=35

This looks like a free drummer/editor, to me…

I think there may be a bunch of soundfonts in all this stuff that might help you and your music production…

Maybe you already know of these links…


I forgot to add this Quote from the newsletter…

Hello, We just released a royalties free Spectrasonics Stylus RMX library containing over 1000 RX2 loops from our website.

You can download the files from our download repository:

Installation instruction are available in the archive
Because of the large download we had to split up the archive into 7 parts.
The download is a bit over 200MB, unpacked over 800MB
Also provided are PAR2 files if something goes wrong with your download,
then the archive can be repaired with these files using Quickpar

Have a nice weekend, my friends!

Their drum vsti looks interesting, and it is a cool price point, but I could not find a demo to try… Well, maybe after the big move! :)