Sampling Frequency

Recording playback

Another question I have is, when I record a track it sounds fine but at times when I play it back, it has slowed down dramatically. What can or does cause this to happen? How can I get ntrack to save my settings each time I open up the software? I’m assuming the sampling frequency is whats causing it yet its not different. I have the audigy se soundcard and I can’t seem to go above 44100 sampling frequency otherwise if higher, my system will say something like “sampling frequency not comparible with soundcard”. Should I download asio drivers? Thanks for any help.

It does sound like a sound card issue to me. The settings should not change unless you change them - unless, perhaps, you have tried to set the card to something that it can’t handle.

I don’t recommend using the crappy ASIO drivers from creative, too many problems. You can however install and use ASIO4ALL drivers, this should solve many issues you are having. I use the Audigy 4 among other things but I do use the ASIO4ALL driver with my Audigy 4, here’s a link to them,


Thank you :slight_smile: