Sapository Remarks

about your country?

R U a meathead?

Nope sorry…I’m a Meatloaf.


Darn Paco your still wearing that same tie, thought you would have changed that one with your new release lol :agree:

i was so young, i only have faint memories of that show. once in a while i’ll catch a rerun and it’s amazing how brazen the writers were; stuff you could never put on the network air today.

Yep, loved that show, never knew what would come out of Archie’s mouth.
But the great thing was the fact it showed how narrow minded bigots can look so stupid!

Just as funny now as it was then.

I liked ol’ Archie… however, what the heck is a “Sapository”? Medication you stick up a tree’s backside? Do tree’s even have a backside? :p



what the heck is a "Sapository"? Medication you stick up a tree's backside? Do tree's even have a backside? :p

It's where they put saps like us when they're done with us.

ya that show was great.
If you watched that clip where Archie meets meathead for the first time.
There are three parts.
The meeting in the first scene, second scene; archie and wife talking, that's where archie tells Eadith that the boy made sapository remarks about the country.
(archie trying to sound like he knows big words) then third scene where they are at the dinner table and and discuss baseball, meathead tells archie that he's dummer than he first thought. Archie replies sticks and stones may break my bones etc...Meathead's wife hints that they are planning on attending college and living with archie for the next 4 yrs.
lol nutz!