Sarcasm (A little something different)

This is a bouncy little track recorded

This is a bouncy little track I wanted everybody to check out, was recorded in 16 bit, but now that n-track 4.0 is out, i’m going to attempt to re-record it in 24 bit… Any suggestions ?

Reflex’s Music
Now its the first song, at the top… (I ‘think’ I did the link, correctly)

“I turn mics to gold”

The link doesn’t seem to be working…


I think your stuff sounds great - I enjoyed ‘sarcasm’, ‘a tear’, and ‘World Renowned - Nadacleu ft. Reflex’. Don’t see any reason why you should spend time converting ‘sarcasm’ to 24-bit, sounds good the way it is.

I think you’d be better off spending the time recording more stuff!