One more for the road

Hi all,

This is one i did a few years back…

im thinking of revisiting it now that ive got a chance to be away from it for a while…

please comment if you have any suggestions.


Very nice tune, I enjoyed.

Maybe a little less acoustic guitar and more on the vocals.
Just a tick ‘boomy’ on the mix, other wise, nice job! :D

Hrm, just goes ta show, I like the level of the acoustic, although it is a tad boomy on my computer speakers…but who know what that means? I also like the drum track - how was that done?

Nice tune. Good hook. Although I was sorta hoping it would be about the car…

I like this tune. It’s got a good pop hook sensability and a nice, mellow flow. I could see, during the interlude that begins at approx. 1:45, an clean electric guitar slowly picking appregios of the outline chords for texture. Maybe even with a slight tremelo. The voice sounds nicely done and unobtrusive. Mine are always obtrusive. Good work!