save settings between sessions

I record my band to a VF160, then dump the tracks to my PC for editing in N-Track. I always records the same instruments to the same tracks, so track 1 is always vocals, track 2 is always bass, etc.

Everytime I open up an 8-track recording I have to go through and add the same plugs to each track then tweak them.

Is there a way to save these settings? It would be nice to be able to import my wavs, then open some file that applies my plugs to each track.



Setup a sng file with the plugs you want applied to each track (you will need to insert blank audio tracks for the number of tracks you want to add effects to).

Then save the sng file as XXXX-Template.sng or similar.

When you want to import your wavs, open up that sng file, do a save as and save it as what you want and then import your wavs to each track.


Thanks for the info.

I wasn’t quite following what you were saying and tried this -

- open the last sng I was working on, saved it somewhere else with a new name.
- hit file/import wav
- clicked the file I wanted to import. In that dialog box is an option to specify which track to add the wav to.

This appears to just overlay the the old track.


Oh wait, maybe that didn’t quite work. It didn’t redraw the peak files. The previous tracks were shorter, so I can’t drag the play cursor (right word?) past the length of the previous tracks.

That sounds like some kind of bug, or else you’re not doing what you thought you were. Try “View -> Refresh -> Recalculate waveforms” (or something like that).

Here’s what Rich meant:

1) Click on “New Song” (toolbar button or File menu)
2) Click “New Audio Track” 8 times (toolbar button or Track menu, IIRC)
3) On each track, set the stuff up.
4) Use “File -> Save As” and save it to use as a template.

Or, you can do what you tried:

1) Save the current song (with everything set up as a new song)
2) Open the the new song.
3) Right click on each wave part and select “Delete”. When it asks to really delete, say “No”. (Hopefully you didn’t ever use Cancel here, or uncheck “Ask to delete files” in Preferences -> Options.) This removes the wave file from your song with out deleting it from disk (so it can still be in your other song).
4) [At this point, I would Save As, to a file to use as a blank template in the future.]
5) For each track in the new song, use the “Import Audio” toolbar button to load the file, and use the “drag” tool to move it up to the correct track.
6) Click on the topmost of the now-empty tracks (where the wave files came in). Hit the Delete (trash can) button and get rid of them.


Thanks, I’ll try that!