Saved finished mix under wrong song title

need to find the lost mix…

After hours and hours of mixing and mastering, I took a break and came back clicked on the song and under that song’s title now is a totally different song…I cant find the mix, its like lost…please if anyway to recover Song that was saved over help…!! thanks

Fingers crossed!?
How tidy are you? Could it be at the top of your ‘recent’ work list under n-Track>file…

It’s in there, somewhere.
Good luck.

If it was a wav mixdown and you didn’t name it, it’ll be in your working folder in pref’s>paths>possibly whatever you called it.wav/mp3

I want to be sure I am following you and your question, so, all of my answer may not be to the point.

To keep this easier to deal with lets establish a bit of vocabulary and information here.
> different types of file are identified by the three characters that follow the period in the name of a file.
For instance a sound file could be named MYsong.wav ( a wave file) or Mysong.mp3 ( a mp3 sound file

>Sound files ( such are .wav files) are recorded to the hard disk and if you use non-destructive editing in n-Track they are not altered by the mixing you do.
>All of the information I am using is if the n_track program is set to use Non-destructive editing.
>The mixing ( fader settings, eq and such) is saved to a file by n-track with an extension of .sng that manipulates the sound file in real time as it is played by n_track.
We will assume that you were mixing files with a .wav extension.
When you mixdown a .sng file you create a new sound file.

I think you are saying that the .sng file saved the mixing information using the wrong sound files:
Some things to do:

Using Windows Explorer, Do a search of the hard drive for files with a .sng ending ( use *.sng).
This will give you a list of all of the n-track files you have saved.
Check the names and dates of modification.
Do any match the file you need?

Open N-track and load any .sng file that looks like it might be what you are looking for.

Maybe that fixed things or if the the wrong sound files load continue to next step.

Check to see if the mixing information for the tracks is correct.

For safety sake I would back up any sound files used in the mixes

If the setting are correct except they use/point-to the wrong sound files, save the file under a new name (something like Fixing lost mix.sng)

Do a search for the sound files that you were mixing when things went wrong.
Again you may have to use the date to help identify the files if you did not save them to a separate directory or under a unique name.

Open Fixing Lost Mix.sng with n_track.

Select/highlight the first track and perform Edit > cut.
This should remove the wav file from the screen but leave all of the information about the mixing in place.

Select File > Import Audio file -
on this screen is a box titled Add to Track.
Type 1 in to the space to add the imported wave file to the track you just cut.
This should place the wave file on the mixing track with all of the setting you have made for that track.

Use the View > Editing History if you need to back up

When you have successfully completed a step do a Save As Fixing Lost Mix _01 and so forth until you have it all done.

I am hoping that somehow another mixed session was accidentally opened and you are able to find the mixing session you lost.
However, I do understand that most anything concerning computers Can and Does happen!
It might not have kept this from happening, but One thing you will want to adapt is a set way of working that controls the separation of each song you are working on along with all the information/ mixes created and save often.
In other words put everything in a self named directory: it makes it easier to find things.
Most all of us only start doing that After something happens to foul things up

Hi Gents:

to say the least…

I’ve had that happen to me before…
Having said that, I would go to PREFS/PATHS/ and look to see what you typed/shown in the field… Then, I’d go to that File/Folder and look for an unnamed Back-up File…
Play the one that shows the latest TIMESTAMP…
I’m sure you’ll find the rendered file in that file/folder… You may even find the file there that has the name that you don’t recognize or forgot that you called it…

To guard against that happening, I’d go to “Settings” and open prefs>options and check the box that “asks for names of wave files to be recorded”…
It might very well help for that happening in the future…

It’s awful, when that happens…
It takes away from the creativity of editing-and-recording songs…


Any easier way to save all files with the name of the song: Open a New File, then save it under the song name before you do any recording. All of the tracks will be named automatically instead of having to do it one at a time.
The next step is to use File >move/rename song to move all the files into a directory that you create for the song. The File > Move/rename moves everything and you can append a mname to the sound files if you wish to add to the name you already have.
Whne you are working on a song, if you click on the “banner” name at the far left of the wav form/track display you can rename the track with nems for just the mix OR save the mane to rename the sound file.
Lots of good ways to do it.

With you there Bax. I even have folders that are empty albeit a title and blank same titled sng.