saveing a track and or song

plays at half speed or less

just lately i hyave ibstalled a nw sound card ,. n- track works great every thing is fine


any thing i touch or do while track is playing makes it play in slow motion
what do i do i would call the company but there is no number . i do have the 24 bit registaration , i do have a 24 bit external sound card . <br> im in the middle of makeing a cd and booom
it started it seams when went back to default settings
i have no prompt to re register so i fugured i dont have to help

tony from michigan

tony, as your request was barely audible, (nothing to help us troubleshoot) are you using asio drivers on your I/o audio card?
go to preferences,audio, audio devices, (advanced); uncheck the “keep audio devices open” box.

this works on Asio driver cards (like M-Audio USB).

otherwise, give us an " intelligebile request" with your operating parameters , ie soundcard?, computer? etc???

(Ok I was about to start talking italian here)