Saving effects to a track

Saving effects to a track

I just started experimenting with saving effects to a track to reduce the CPU%, but Im running into problems. For instance, I noticed if I add compression or reverb to a clean guitar track, it alters the wave form, making it “hotter” and sometimes even distorting it in places. When the effects are “live” it doesnt sound like that. Am I doing something wrong?


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i’m guessing you’re talking about using the freeze function? when you freeze a track that has effects on it, you SHOULD see a difference in the waveform after freeze is applied. if it looks like the waveform is increasing in amplitude, check your plugin and see if it is applying any gain to the signal. you may want to reduce that to compensate if it’s clipping and distorting.

to be sure that it’s not the “freeze” part itself, try this: take off ALL effects, ALL gain settings, pan, etc… then freeze the track. it should look similar if not identical to the original “before freeze” track.

edit: you also might wanna check the “freeze bit depth” option in the settings window. make sure it’s what you expect.

I belive the function I was using was “Add effects to track”. It was not the freeze function

which version of n-track are you using? on the latest, if you right click on a waveform, you get “Effects” on the popup menu. you can then choose “Add Effect” and choose one of the real-time effects from the list and apply it to that track. is that what you’re doing? if not, can you explain what you’re trying a bit better so i can try to replicate your steps?

typically adding a realtime effect to your track will increase your cpu load. if you then “freeze” it, n-track will perform a mixdown on that track, saving your cpu from having to process the effect each time. if you want to make changes to a frozen track, you would un-freeze it to do so.