Saving Packed Song File

getting error

When I try to save a .sgw file - I get the following error message
’error can’t append file’
I am using 6.0.3 build 2455

I’m just testing it and am using no compression.

Does manualy (re)naming the file before saving help? (just change the name so it has a sgw extension or no ext may be enough) There was an issue in earlier builds that would require the filename to be changed. I don’t know if that bug has been addressed yet.

Just tried a packed song file here Seven and it worked fine. Re-opened fine also.

No - it does not seem to help.
I just tried to save it with the name ‘test’ with no extension
and I get the same error message.

This problem seems to have re-surfaced in build 2457…using Vista

I just tried resaving the same file and it worked here guys. Vista x64 32 bit app build 2457

I am using XP-SP1
ntrack 6.0.3 build 2455
a 16 bit sound card (record 48k)
have a song with midi and wav files (very small just for testing - about 8 bars)
The .sng saves correctly and restores fine.
But when I try to save as .sgw (with or without compression) + changing the 'save’
name, I get ‘error can’t append file’ and now I get ‘error can’t find wav’ as well.

AHA! See if taking out the MIDI tracks solves the problem. While a packed song should be able to contain MIDI tracks, there may be an issue/bug in that scenario. I ran into something similar. Taking out the MIDI tracks fixed it.

OK Phoo - yeh that works - but not what I would expect.
So is it ‘supposed’ to save MIDI data as well? Or is it just for wav files?
Packed song without half the song is a half packed song :whistle:

That’s a bug. As you say, half a packed song is half a song. Not too useful if tracks are missing. I guess an issue is what to do when unpacking and a VST instrument is missing that that MIDI track might be sending to (just like any other missing effect I suppose). Not much of an issue when using external MIDI.

The problem is new to v6.0.3 and related to MIDI parts, basically the program tried to save into the sgw file non-existant .wav files for each MIDI part.
Build 2459 should fix the problem. Let me know if you still have this or other problems with the new build.