Saving Selections?

How to do?

This is an elementary question, but if I might; I’m trying to take selection out of a track (a long room/jam session recording from a Tascam 788, left running… :p ), and I’m asking for a quickie answer. I transferred the recording to n-Track via my new Terratec EWS88MT (thank you, yes, thank you very much…!!).

I used ‘Save/Recall selections’, and made a list. Then I highlit each selection, using markers and the ‘Snap to Markers’ setting, Right-clicked on 'em and saved them as Regions- in the Region List.

After all this business… I made a new blank Audio track, and used Copy / Paste to get copies of each region down into the new blank Audio track (highlighting the region areas, and doing ctrl+c / ctrl+v, ad nauseum…).

What I am trying to do is save each of these new copies as individual wav files to edit and set up for burning to a CD. I can’t figure how to get the copies to each become their own wav files. So far the new audio track full of copies is just another new wav file, with lots of silence between the copied selections.

Anybody got this down? Thanks!!

Hi, You could drag in the ends of your long Wav file until just the section you want is left on screen. Then drag that section over to the left of the timeline. Hit mixdown and give it a name. If you think you might do more work to it such as adding fades etc mixdown to a 24 bit file then you can tweek it and do a final mixdown later to 16 bit.


Yep. Comp the bits you want to keep OR slide the start and end points around. SOLO that track if it’s the only one you want and mixdown. Cake.


That’s what I’m talking about! I got that, thanks guys.

Overcomplicating something and then being set aright about it is often like waking up for school on Saturday morning. :cool:

That’s the current project I’m into over here… Only thing is, I’m getting the Tracks from the Tascam 38 8-Track machine, I have in the studio…

I am useing the 800mhz P-111 machine with the STA 2000 audio hardware… They are 24 bit res. files @ 44.1khz bit depth/sample rate… The only thing is, the STA 2000 hardware gave up and I’m stuck in-between a project… I am unable to proceed till I get the DAW back-up-and-running… What a shame … :O :p :laugh:


Quote (woxnerw @ Mar. 04 2006,16:05)
That's the current project I'm into over here.. Only thing is, I'm getting the Tracks from the Tascam 38 8-Track machine, I have in the studio..

I am useing the 800mhz P-111 machine with the STA 2000 audio hardware.. They are 24 bit res. files @ 44.1khz bit depth/sample rate.. The only thing is, the STA 2000 hardware gave up and I'm stuck in-between a project.. I am unable to proceed till I get the DAW back-up-and-running.. What a shame .. :O :p :laugh:


Indeed, it is. Sorry you're having the frustrating moment! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to help you. But in the words of Red Green, I'm pullin' for ye! :)

Hi Sloom:
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Hi Sloom:
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Now that’s follow-through! And I love the mic… though I can’t tell what that is except for your identification of it! The coffee cup is kind of a giveaway, though…!

That would be truly hip if Red Green did a skit based on this idea. I’ll keep an eye out for it!

And you have a pretty sick little studio there, man! Nice environment, hefty looking collection of gear. I stand back, head down, hands limp at my sides, palms facing backward…
I’m goin gto load the newest non-beta of n-Track, and go learn how to do MIDI while I have some time here in the house alone- I’ll be back to check out your tunes. Just checking in on e-mail before I venture down to the Laundry Room…

Cool you e-mailed those guys.

To get back to the original topic. If I understand correctly you are trying to mixdown a continuous .sng file containing multiple songs into individual tracks. In 3.3 this is actually quite easy once you have markers identifying the boundries. I haven’t bothered to save regions but I believe it works the same way.

Once you have placed markers you need to create a selection across all the tracks somewhere between the markers defining the edges of the region then right-click on the timeline above it and choose “select between markers” to select the region (I assume recalling regions accomplishes this as well). Then just go to the mixdown dialog, select “more details” and switch the default selection from “mixdown the entire song to” to the other choice (I don’t have N in front of me so I don’t remember the wording) which will have starting and stopping points which are defined by the current selection. Give it a name and mix it down.

That is all there is to it. You dont need to copy selections or anything, just do a partial mixdown. You can also choose to ignore individual tracks and do other potentially useful modifications of the normal mixdown parameters. I don’t know whether this procedure also applies to newer versions.


It’s possible that at the end of a workday and semi-hectic home scene that I’m just too strung-out to keep orderly thoughts in my head! So that may account for my evident inability to pull this together up to now. Yep, possible!
But this sounds like it’s all laid-out there to see. Thank ye, jimbob, thank ye very much!..

Now I will print this thread. Groovy.

Hi jimbob and All:
Flavio has been working on this feature in v 4.1.5 and v 4.1.6 I have yet to use all this…in the later builds

It’s one of the few “Editing” jobs I haven’t spent much time doing in the operation I have here…

Haveing said that… this current project requires that type of work…

If I remember… I used the “Hi-Lite and cont X” (cut) to remove the part/parts across the total number of tracks, in the timeline… and then rename the part, to do the chore…

And then… rename each track… then Cut and Paste each track into a new renamed, folder…


This is a key feature- and a very basic and useful one- in Cool Edit Pro 2, which I like to use for wav editing, and arranging of parts.

It would be a great workflow asset to have this as a ready procedure, with a few simple moves. Like, ‘Save Selection As…’ for instance (like in Cool Edit’s ‘Edit window’). Now the selection exists in a folder, a newly named wav file taken from a larger wav file.

Actually it appears the only difference between this and jimbob’s outlined procedure is that in Cool Edit you don’t have to mix down the file- you have it as it exists in the original waveform. You just save a piece of it and give it a new name. Somehow I like this better. I don’t know if I can justify it, but I figure the less you have to do to something, the better.

I would like that better since it simplifies adjusting the mix for different songs. At present you can do this by using “cntrl-X” to remove the other songs and trim the selection to length then doing a “Save As” to a new song file. The tracks can then be selected and shifted to the beginning using the crossed arrow cursor or the track offset dialog. (By the way, I always do my selecting of tracks with the standard cursor so I don’t accidently move a track while selecting it.) Note that the underlying files will still have all the tracks at full length, making back-up more cumbersome. The File/Move command would let you copy the song and its tracks but does not solve the problem of excessive length and also creates the risk of renaming the original wave files so the other .sng files won’t recognize them (if you do a move rather than a copy or if you check “append song name to wave files” option). You can work around this with the mixdown dialog to create new copies of each track that are only the length of the song and automatically replacing the track in the .sng document. This would also apply any mixer settings so it might be best applied before any mixing is done but there are advantages to doing the rough mix on the overall multi-song file (you won’t have to repeat the basic mix in each derived .sng). Not too elegant in any case, I would prefer to be able to extract the relavent portions of the larger waves with a “Create new song from selection” function which would also copy those sections of the underlying .wav files. Maybe Flavio will get to it later. I haven’t even upgraded to 4 yet, I’ve got too many projects in process to take the chance.

If you don’t save over the original containing the original long wave files you can reload it and repeat for each individual song.

Good Luck,

You guys are killing my ink supply.