saving to sgw packed song file ???

new version won’t save to a packed song file (sgw)- can someone else confirm or deny?

I deny that I can confirm this.

It saved it ok (the waves are all there and such), but it won’t open the song itself, get an "error reading data"

Also, normalize a wave file isn’t working here. Get crazy all red box where wave was and noise and distortion if played.
Any one else confirm this?

So I can confirm and deny that you deny any confirmation. Cool Gumped one.

Thanks Yazzer

Read my edit ^^^^^^^^

I can confirm that I can’t deny or confirm. Will “I’m not surprised.” do?



Will "I'm not surprised." do?


Wow PW! What are doing to nuke the ‘R’? It NEVER crashes on me. Seriously!


Yep normalize is fried…

You gonna file the bug report Mr. Willis?

I’ve nuked the R on several occasions.

Quote: (DEAD CERTAIN @ Feb. 10 2009, 1:53 PM)

Wow PW! What are doing to nuke the 'R'? It NEVER crashes on me. Seriously!


Curious myself as my experience has been the same as D. The only time I can get it to crash is when I try to load too much sample data (like many gigs) which I don't have RAM enough for and paging kludges the whole deal. (AKA, let direct from disk do its thing and don't try to load 4GB of sample data into 1.5GB of RAM.)

I reported on another thread that the normalization feature didn’t work correctly… Parts of the operation works but rendering the normalization does not correctly finish…

I didn’t report it to Flavio in a support mail…


I filed a bug report (#17 on the hit parade).

I could look in my reports for R crash problems - just wanted to note that not all softwares work the same on all systems - not a dig but just a knee jerk response to “doesn’t surprise me” or whatever the comment was - sorry. Hugs!


not a dig but just a knee jerk response to "doesn't surprise me" or whatever the comment was

Sorry. That was rather crass. I was just being truthful though. It seems a new build comes out with three or four things busted. Where's the quality control? Are the users IT and that's ALL their is?

I do apologize.

Quote: (DEAD CERTAIN @ Feb. 10 2009, 4:04 PM)

Where's the quality control?

Your it slacker, what? You think this is a holiday? I mean who better to do quality control than the deadmun?

PW I had a save difference. I did a double take and then was able to save the songfile.. But I was sleepy and that was at least 18 hrs ago.

saving sgw tells me sng exists - I save and it’s sng - no sgw

can someone test please?

Mine works every other time, don’t know what’s up, then I get the can’t read data error.

Change the name of your file and see what you get Poppa

Yeap, it’s trying to save the sgw file with the sng extension. Manually enter a different filename with sgw and it will probably work. I don’t think that’s new to the latest build, but it is a recent ‘addition’.

Yes this is a bug I did not report but should have. Ran into it a couple of weeks ago and forgot about it.

It’s getting to where I hate work arounds.
I’ll try it though.