saving wave files to use in another format


I have some material which I recorded in n-track and I am having it mixed by someone else in pro tools. I want to save each track as a wave file of the same length. The only way I know to do this is by doing a solo mixdown of each track and saving all of the mixed down tracks to another folder. There must be a way to save all of the tracks simultaneously as wave files of equal lengths so that they can be worked with in another format…does someone know how to do it? I would appreciate the help.

v4 supposedly supports broadcast wav files, which means that the wav file has the start time in the header I believe. so protools would know where to stick it in the timeline.

another question…i recorded in version 3.3
what do i need to do so that the waves are saved in v4 as broadcast waves? simply save the material in v4? or copy the song?
i assume that if i copy and paste a wave file into another part of the song, the start time on the timeline will not correspond to its new place but to where the original wave file begins.
thanks for the help

How many tracks? YOu could export each track as a new .wav file starting at zero…