Say What?

Say it ain’t so!


Say what ain’t so? Reality?

Not surprised congress wouldn’t swallow it; only person who ever did that was Monica! :laugh:

But listen here you pinko commie traitor. I think you’re trying to diss our president Bush here, so why don’t you go and live somewhere that don’t have free speech (unless you’re on the Internet or phone), somewhere that you don’t have civil rights (unless you’re on Gitmo or taken in on a Homeland Security charge), or somewhere that a 64 oz soft drink is standard (unless you’re like most folks and are obese or diabetic).

So, git the dang out of here, and God bless the USA! :)

Nice, Blasé, nice…good natured ribbing?

So, was Bill wrong? Looks like he may have been. Too bad Bush and Cheney didn’t stick to the party line. They bought the Dems story hook line and sinker and ran with it. What a bunch of dimwits. Look were we are now.

Wait! Was Bill right all along? If so there’s a lot of Republicans that should be kicking themselves.

A flip flop is a flip flop.

What this really shows is that it doesn’t matter what the message is. It only matters who said it. What a corrupt bunch we have in Washington. Election time is coming up. What’s next? What will they say…OH…no…who will say it?

Gad, if that sort of thing doesn’t make you conclude that there are some real slimeballs there, nothing will. :angry: