SB Audigy question

multiple outputs?

Does anyone know much about audigy NX? It has 5.1 support, and various outputs for front, side, and rear speakers, as well as headphones. I was thinking, could this be used as a secondary output to create an fx loop? There are multiple outputs that show up in N as being avaliable in the menu that comes up when you hit the little hammer (the select I/O dialogue box). So would this let me send a signal out, through a padded pre or other effect, and back into the input, while still sending a signal to my monitors? Or do I not truely have multiple outputs and SB’s 5.1 capabilities are just fooling N a bit? (Oh, also, whenever I mixdown, the dialogue says that mutliple outputs are selected. I just tell it to mixdown the first output… ???)


Fish, I have the Audigy2 ZS, but I know nothing about the NX I’m afraid.

But, one thing I do know about the whole Audigy range, is that the Creative software does not exploit the potentiality of the hardware.

If you use a better software suite, you can not only route all your various i/p’s and o/p’s how you like, but you can also use the very powerful built in DSP to give you FX for monitoring while recording clean for example.

The suite in question is the KX DRIVER PROJECT, adn they have a very good forum too.

Google it up, and give it a try. :)


Is the software stable? I don’t want to crash my system. Oh, and thanks, btw.


OOH! KX is not compatable with the NX because it is USB. There is something in development as far as ASIO drivers, though, they say.