SBLive vs. SBLive Value

Whuzza diff?

What’s the difference between SBLive and SBLive Value?

Thinking of using an SBLive or similar to extend from 8 inputs to 10, using the S/PDIF out of the 8-input card (Inca88) to clock the SBLive. Of course, we’d have to run both at 48kHz rate.

Haven’t used the setup yet, but based on what I see where we’ll be recording (blues club), typical acts are 3 & 4 piece, with 3 vocalists. 8 ins doesn’t leave much for drums & room mike. Two more would be a big help.

This is for my son & friends, and the budget is nearly zero. :wink:


There are a lot of diffrent models since the original one. I have the first one that soundblaster sell called “Full” that includes a daughterboard card with spdif and midi in/out. The value dont include it. But basically they are identically. You can found a lot of info in the web how to tweak the values card to use the spdif in/out (the connector are there). But maybe, if you can get an old platinum with a external rack, is more easy to use.

Here is an old review (1998) with a comparison table. Some stuff I’ve read said the Values were the first Lives and that the EMU10K1 processors are a little different in subsequent models, but I haven’t seen any authoritative statements or further details (haven’t looked much either, though). Oh well, FWIW…


The Live Value CT4670 which I bought a few years ago had a 12 pin internal connector on it. Other Live models have a 40 pin connector that can be hooked up to the Live Drive. The 40 pin type has more SPDIF ins/outs.

The Audigy I that got on Ebay for around $30 US has the EMU10k2 chip which gives you an extra input if you care to do some simple modifications.

OK, thanks guys!

My Gateway 2001 vintage (P3, 1GHz) came with an SBLive Value w/digital out. I think the model is CT4830 (I’m not at home right now). This means that the 1/8" line out jack on the card can supposedly be used as an quasi-SP/DIF output. However, I’ve never been able to get that to work. BUT, it does have the 40-pin connector on the inside. I haven’t gotten around to trying the SPDIF outs on that connector yet, but I’m betting they will work. If you can find one of these “value” cards, they might work for you.


I’ve got a SBLive Value, CT4832 I think. It has a digital out S/PDIF that I run into my Audiophile 2496. This works perfectly with kx drivers. I use the SBLive value as a midi synth but I assume I could use the line in to add two extra inputs that could be then routed to the Audiophile via S/PDIF to give four inputs…I haven’t tried this yet but I’m sure it would work. From what I’ve read the value and full versions were/are pretty much identical in specification apart from connectivity. So an extra input is all you want I’d say go for the value…provided it’s a model with digital out.


Thinking of using an SBLive or similar to extend from 8 inputs to 10, using the S/PDIF out of the 8-input card (Inca88) to clock the SBLive. Of course, we'd have to run both at 48kHz rate.

I setup two Live cards with the KX drivers and linked them in this way a while back. It worked, but in the end I bought a Delta 44.


Doug's the expert on this, but I'm not sure that the S/PDIF link "syncs" the cards or clocks them together. I think that it just makes the analogue inputs of the Live available on the digital input of the (in this case) Inca. So in effect you are only recording the Inca card (providing the Inca can record from all it's analogue inputs and the digital input at the same time).

When I did it with two Live cards, I had a constant, short (can't remember exactly but a millisecond or two), latency between the two cards. Easily dealt with in N-track, but not really noticable.


If I’m the expert-we’re in trouble here.

You need an SPDIF INPUT somewhere on your Non Creative Labs card (Delta 44 or Inca 88 whatever). That way the Creative Labs card would be hooked up from SPDIF out to the other card’s SPDIF IN. Then the input should show up as an input on the card.

I don’t see an SPDIF IN in the manuals for the Delta 44 or INCA 88.

I don't see an SPDIF IN in the manuals for the Delta 44 or INCA 88

That's right. No digital I/O on the Delta 44. Delta 66 has it though. Don't know about the Inca.


OK, I guess it won’t work with SBLive. I thought that card had an “external clock” option. Higher level cards with S/PDIF in (like my MOTU 828) have that option, so you can clock the unit’s ADCs from the digital input stream (S/PDIF or ADAT) to keep them all in sync. I assumed the SBLive had that option as well. Seems to me it would be necessary for whoever was using 3 SBLive cards together.

The Inca88 only has S/PDIF out, and I’m planning to use that only as the clock source for the 2nd card.

So, you guys with KX drivers loaded – is there a way to select the SBLive’s clock source?



I don’t know about anywhere to select clock source with kX. With multiple SBLives hooked into 1 master card, there is no need to select any clock source since all inputs from any card appear as inputs on the master card.

I suppose you could try making a cable with one end for your SPDIF out on your INCA88 and the other could hook into the CD SPDIF in of the Live card but I think if this worked it would send the whole mix from the INCA88 as one ASIO input into the SBLive card.

You might want to try the kX forum to see if one of the smarties can help you on this setup.