Scam the scammers

This is interesting.

Quite a lot to read but a site dedicated to those who scam the scammers.

Personally I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do it.

This is probably the one I found most interesting:

Hi Mark:
That’s some pretty “Heavy Duty” stuff there…

I got some mail the other week that I though I shouldn’t reply to… So… what I did was… A “Properties” on the sender and found that it came from an address in Nigeria, handled by a Yahoo Server … I sent my concerns and forwarded the mail to Yahoo, over on the west Coast and after a day or so, I got a nice letter back from Yahoo on the matter… saying that they were not able to tell me any details regarding their resolve, but that it was “fixed” and it would be unlikely that it would happen again…

It appears that the “Cyber World” in Nigeria, is very active with this kind of “Internet Activity”…


The Trophy room and hall of shame are pretty funny

The tattoo one is getting a bit close to being unreasonable.

There’s been some updates on the page in the last day or so as well

Hi there !

I just hope for these guy’s sake that the guys in Nigeria don’t wise up on their own IT skills.

If they could ever trace these guys …

But there is a ‘feelgood’ ring to scamming the scammer.


It appears that the “Cyber World” in Nigeria, is very active with this kind of "Internet Activity"

Nigerian thugs are a huge headache for our guys over here.

(Notice I’m saying Nigerian THUGS). The majority of all the ‘tik’ (meths) rings, drug lords, car theft syndicates and other ‘mafia type’ activities in South Africa are owned by illigal Nigerians.


On a lighter note, we have a local program here called ‘3rd Degree’ (An investigative journalism program much like I think 60 Minutes is). They had a topic one night about ‘Nollywood’.
The guys over there think that they are ‘The 3rd biggest movie industry in the world’. According to them its Hollywood, then ‘Bollywood’ and then them.

They did interviews with filmmakers and actors. There was this one Sam Jackson lookalike/wannabe that they had themselves a chat to. He was trying his American accent and spoke about his ‘personal car collection’. They showed his house on some gravel road. There was cars alright. Some 1990 BMW520 with someone scratching under the bonnet, another (3) series 1985 BMW on bricks, then a little Toyota Corrola (that no one was working on) and a 1989 Gixxer (Suz GSXR 1100)
He spoke about his ‘infinate whealth’ (He earned about $3000US per movie).

The whole thing was a joke. I must say that they are very successfull in Africa (check out this article ), but they mustn’t try and act like they are bigger than other countries film industries, or something that they are not.

Sorry for hijacking this thread…



He earned about $3000US per movie).

Well as long as he does a couple of movies a month, that should keep him in engine oil and brake pads…

In a way it is sad that folks are this desparate that they would tatoo themselves to scam someone. You gotta be dirt poor to be scammed as easily as the one you are scamming just due to a certain level of desparation.

It’s a numbers game for these scammers… all they need is 1 in a couple of thousand to take the bait and they are getting money for nothing and ripping people off…
Not sure if it’s a case of being dirt poor or just incredibly greedy… when he thought he had a genuine chance of ripping of the church of $40,000 the price (dollar and scarring) of getting a tattoo would have seemed nothing to his greedy eyes…

Well, I guess the scammer and the scamee have something in common… the ignorance to think one can get righch quick… something for nothing. I mean, these guys aren’t exactly the Italian mob in Armani suits. They seem like ignorant and poor folks trying to cash in on some nameless shlub on the otherside of the ocean. It doesn’t excuse them, but is probably very indicitive of their environment.