Scenario N Sterio, bug report

v4.0.4 graphic issues

Well this is what I finally came up with as far as issues with v4 that cause me headachs. This bug report was just submitted to Flavio via the feeback form, just now.

Scenario in Sterio bug report:

I have been able to consistantly recreate these same errors in n-track v404 build 1762.

On any track for editing. If I highlight a section to copy, and then try to paste onto another spot on the SAME track, ntrack shuts down when YOU click the paste icon. Happens everytime. Or at least the majority of the time, everytime!

Remember the issue with the Recod Vu, for version 3.0.1 I think it was? Where if you didn’t Uncheck the “show scale” feature, the system would hang and freeze. I am having the same problems in the v4s. I think most guys are recording two tracks, because they are not mentioning this prob or they are very patient people. Here is my senario; I set my N up to record
using 6 sterio groups. When I first install I have to go through each sterio grope, one at a time to adjust these settings from the hammor icon. As soon as I make a change I have to close N to save the change. If I try to adjust more than one or two sterio groups at one time, ntrack freezes and I have to start over gain. So I believe there are serious hidden issues in this area of your script. Reading from left to right; if I remove the
"show scale" from the first group (on the left) there is no problem. If I remove the “show scale” from the second group, the scale from the third group is removed as well. When I remove the “show scale” from the 4th group; the “scale” is added back to the first group on the left. The same with the little green icons for active viewing of any signal for that paticular track. Couldn’t you just copy this section of script
from v3? Anyway, it’s an issue that deminishes ntracks true prower! I am also unchecking the default settings from enable live input processing, and also checking it to record a single sterio track instead of sepreate tracks left and right. It’s just easier in the first part of a recording session to work with less tracks incase of removeing bad takes. After the takes are actually keepers then I usually convert the tracks into seperate tracks, left and right. Hope this helps!